Here’s the situation:
-Something’s broken in your house.
-You want it fixed.
-You call 3 different people you found on-line to come give quotes.
-They come back with drastically different prices.
-How could the charge come back so different for the same work you wonder?

Here’s what’s going on:
-1. The REALLY HIGH quote (that makes you think you’re in the wrong line of work).
Large firms often are more interested in larger projects such as room additions or whole-house remodels. They will give you a quote because they never know how big a job really is until they get to your house. The quote might be one of your higher ones if they feel your job is too small for their time, forcing you not to choose them.
He rolls up in a vehicle that sounds like it needs more work than your house. He likes to talk and tells grandiose stories of the jobs he’s done and people he’s worked for. What’s he doing? He’s trying to build his credibility. He said he can get the work done for you right then (because he’s not busy). You’ve heard about this type of guy before, left a job uncompleted and never came back, kept adding charges once he got there, spent more time on fumbling around to find tools and supplies than he did working on the project. Go ahead, ask the lowballer for references, see what happens.
-3. The detailed MIDDLE quote.
This came from a professional handyman or home improvement service. They arrived in a logo’d vehicle, were clean and professional with you and your home. The quote detailed exactly what work would be done. Why are they more expensive than the lowballer? Because they carry insurance, are licensed, pay taxes and have all of the proper tools to complete your job correctly. Why don’t they charge as much as the ‘big guys’? Because the small and middle sized projects that the big guys don’t want to do are their specialty. They know what needs to be done without doing too much. They’re skilled in many facets of home improvement and enjoy the variety. It might take a couple weeks to get them in, but that’s because they’re kept fairly busy with customers, thanks to their good reputation.

So next time you put ANYTHING out for a bid, take these points into consideration. Do the right thing to protect yourself, both financially and the longevity of your home.

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